04 March 2014

Shall we chat?

Well this little blog of mine has taken some fun twists and turns over the years. I never expected it to be what it has become- I always thought it would be just for me and my closest friends and family- so the fact that anyone else read it, ever, was pretty awesome!
Baby A and Miss E in their Valentine's PJ's
Things have been just plain busy around here lately. I usually only get to post when I have something heavy, and it becomes more therapeutic, so I thought I would just post some fun updates tonight since I have things rattling around in this head!

We had a huge storm come through this weekend and it was GLORIOUS!! We needed the rain, we are in the middle of a huge drought and my area is being hit the hardest. The rain brought clean air, clear skies (eventually!) and clarity of the mind!

So I thought I would let go of the storm I have going around in my head and see if it also brings some clarity :)

(Fun fact, we are watching Frozen for the 20th time- and the song Let it Go is on)

The big thing I have been thinking about lately, is how combine my spaces in this blog world. I currently have my family blog and my stephaniegdesigns.com site on Blogger, I have a blog with a friend on Wordpress and I am also considering opening an online store with both blog templates and other print type template (invitations, greeting cards, etc.). Right now, it's a lot in a lot of different places and I would really like to try and combine my personal blog with Stephanie G Designs and have some sort of a store presence on that site as well. I think it would be fun to keep a personal element to the blog, but still be able to blog about design as well! This is possible with Wordpress and since I have some experience with Wordpress, I think it will be the way I head. I don't really like the idea of my blog being called Stephanie G Designs, so I may make a switch there as well to incorporate it all using How Sweet this is and Stephanie G Designs... in one name- easy right!? ;)

This little one has been perfecting her scowl lately and it is cracking me up! Sometime she will make an "ohhhhh" noise and it is even better if accompanied by a sweet smile peaking through!

My kids climb... E has always been a climber and lately Baby A has picked it up! All of these photos below were within about 20 minutes (and a few changes of clothes).
Miss E has got to be one of the most finicky sleepers EVER! She goes to bed late, usually around 9 or so because she's usually been a late riser. That changed recently, much to my disliking. Now, she wakes up between 6:30am and 7:30am, makes her way into my room, asks me to turn on Mickey Mouse and get her a bar (protein bar) and some water. Then she hangs out in my room for an hour or so. But when she started waking earlier, we didn't ever get her to go down earlier, so we are still working on that. The problem is also that we put her down and she will play for 2-3 hours before actually falling asleep, and one week we caught her almost every nap and night time like this... asleep in some position on her chair/ottoman. She is knocked out asleep in those photos- it is only light because of my flash.

Baby A is walking like a pro! She is a happy, funny kid and so sweet! She is a great eater, which is a huge change from our toddler!

Miss E started dance a few weeks ago and it ended right about then as well. The first day she went- she loved it, couldn't stop talking about how she wanted to "dance like Cinderella". Then the second week she had a total meltdown before even getting there and we had to leave, we went back the next day for a makeup class and she did great again. The third week we tried our normal class again, and again she had a meltdown. So we tried to makeup the Saturday class, thinking the afternoons were just too hard... NOPE! She wouldn't go, I told her she either had to go dance with the girls or sit with me for 45 minutes, but since we already paid, she was going to be there. She said, "ok, I'll sit with you for 45 minutes", and she did. This kid! I think we will just stop and start up again next session and see if it's any better. I don't want to push it, and I don't want to keep paying if she won't attend. So we will see!

And just for fun, I just love this photo and these two little ones and their crazy hair. It looks like she is saying, "See? This is how you stand!"
Baby A and my friends little boy
And if you made it through all of that, thanks for reading :) Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!!

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  1. I totally missed this update! Better late than never. I wish another storm like that would roll in again - it was so great. Cute pictures of the girls, as always. Laughed outloud with A's frowny face and E slumped over on her chairs in her room! And do I ever hear ya on the spread out thin in blogland thing! (Ha...especially being the friend that you do the wordpress blog with!) I have four total!


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